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  • Titan Coeus Here is another test post from PC just to find out how much the cursor is lagging behind the last letter and if it is possible to copy/paste a block of my own text from post above. I will copy a part from above "possible to copy" and will paste it below: possible to copy possible to copy possible to copy It worked very well! Let's see if I can edit that post after saving. It is possible to copy/paste a block! I am now editing already -created post and it works fine. Awesome!
    December 27, 2021

  • Craig Whitley Cryptocurrencies crashed over the weekend. Bitcoin is now selling at a 50% discount to it's all-time high. Stocks continue to plummet. Will we see a similar price plummet in NFTs? Fortune Magazine wrote of the NFT bubble bursting on March 4, 2022. It appears there might be more air in the NFT bag to release.
    May 9, 2022