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Free Membership in the Premier Social Network for Collectors

Posted By Craig Whitley     Jan 18     200 views     0 likes     0 comments
Newly launched is the new meeting hub for the millions of collectors that live around the world.  Our user-friendly dashboard applications allow you to show off your collection to the world and meet some of the world's premier collectors that share your same interest and...  more

Avid collectors of coins, stamps, autographs, vintage cars, trading cards, and hundreds of other collectible items are often extremely passionate about their hobby.  They are enthusiastic about their collections, and often know numerous facts and tidbits about the collectibles they own.  In fact, thousands of collectors have been experts in their category or field of collecting for many years.

However, these expert collectors normally don’t know many collectors that share their same level of interest or seek the expert knowledge they possess about the items they collect. aims to solve these problems.  We recently launched the world’s only social network dedicated solely to millions of collectors from around the world.  Whether you collect Hot Wheels, Star Wars, Pokémon, coins, currency, baseball cards, stamps, quilts, Pez dispensers or something as obscure as hat pins, is the new meeting place for collectors just like you.

Our social network offers collectors an auction platform to buy and sell collectibles, their own e-store, a collector’s marketplace, personal blogs about collecting, photo and video albums, private groups, collector forums, events and event ticket sales, web pages, diaries and so much more.  Consider showing off your collection and knowledge to the world by joining now.  Start by sharing photos of your collection and communicating with collectors that share the same interests as you, collecting in the same genre or category.  If you don’t see your category, ask us to add it.

Sign-up now for free at