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How Coin Collectors Can Benefit From Joining

Posted By Craig Whitley     January 1, 2022     544 views     1 like     0 comments
Help us build the largest social network for coin collectors.  Enjoy the many features and benefits that a free membership has to offer.  We need serious coin collectors and numismatic clubs to contribute content, create coin auctions, set up private coin collector...  more
Calling all coin collectors that want to take their coin collection hobby to the next level.  Start by signing up for a free Silver Membership plan and enjoy your hobby in a whole new light.  We offer numerous features, benefits and special apps or online tools that will put your coin collection hobby in high gear.  Allow me to explain . . . officially launched in late December 2021.  We are building the world's largest online community, or social network, for collectors in numerous categories.  We offer you far more tools and apps than a typical social network you may belong to now.  But most importantly, we only focus on collectors.  However, we can't be successful without increasing our participating membership.  It's a win-win opportunity if you join and begin to use our dashboard tools to help us create content and promo your hobby.  For example, you can:
  • Buy and sell coins using our collector auctions, or . . .
  • Sell coins or other collectibles by building your own e-store.  We host it for free.
  • Create photo and video albums of your collection.
  • Write a blog about your collecting hobby.
  • Create stand-alone web pages.
  • Announce the collectors club you belong to and post your local collector events.
  • Create a private coin collectors group, for your personal use or your club's use.
  • Create collector events and sell tickets to your events.
  • Meet coin collectors from around the world.
  • Learn of coin collector events near you, as well as regional and national events.
  • Participate in coin collector forums.  Post questions to a forum or chime in on other coin collector forum threads.
  • Ditch being lonely in your coin collection hobby.  So what if your family members are disinterested in your hobby.  Participate on and get to know other collectors, find that one coin you've been looking to buy, or sell coins you're no longer interested in keeping.
  • Create a collectors diary.
  • Build a "Favorites" list.  
  • Create free classified ads to sell coins, seek coins, request others to join your private group, etc.
  • Download and use our mobile app on your smartphone (Apple or Android).

From this list I hope you can visualize what being a coin collector member of would mean to your coin collecting hobby.  Without question, it would broaden your hobby's horizons and allow you to participate more frequently in your hobby.  You'll no longer have to wait a month or more to go to your next club meeting.  You won't have to wait for a year to try and sell a coin at your annual coin collector's show.  You participate in these type of activities anytime you choose on

We really need your help in building by joining with a free Silver membership and begin using the features and tools we offer to connect with others who share your same love for coin collecting, and add new content to our website.

Whether you simply want to post photos, write a blog, buy and sell on our auctions or use our free services to create a private online group for your collectors club, you will be helping us build content that will attract other coin collectors.

Here's what we ask of you.

(1) Sign up for free and give us a try.
(2) If you belong to a collectors club, tell your fellow members about us and post a link and description of our social network in your club's monthly newsletter.
(3) Ask us to send your club President information about TopCollections.  If you send us his or her contact information we will not only send them information to post in  your club newsletter, but we will award your entire club membership a very special offer at no additional cost.
(4) Begin posting photos of your coins (and/or other collectibles).
(5) Post any coin collecting videos you might have of your collection or a recent coin collectors event you attended.  
(6) If you like to write then start by posting a blog article.
(7) If you would like to become a moderator for our coin's category, contact us at [email protected] and ask how you can become a volunteer moderator.

You don't have to do all of these things to help us build our network and introduce other coin collectors to our network.  Whether you want to just do one or two things on the network to start, or wish to go full bore and use all our tools is irrelevant.  What's important is to participate in some way on our network.  Doing so will help us introduce others to the world of coin collecting. 

As you know, many young people are not being attracted to coin collecting.  The age of the average coin collector is increasing every year.  Young people love to participate on social media websites daily.  We aim to be the biggest social network for collectors in hundreds of category, but we offer the tools to keep each category distinct and different. 

Any blog post you can write, or story you can tell about how much your coin collection has grown in value over the years, or any photo or video you can post, will eventually attract a young person to the world of numismatics.  Thus, joining Top Collections and becoming an active member that can add fresh content when you have time is a win-win situation for both you, your local collectors group, and  While you help add more content to our coin collections area, you will in turn be promoting your hobby and introducing new members to our coin collectors area, thus growing the number of coin collectors around the world, which ultimately helps increase the value of coins as the number of buyers increase in number.

We are very interested in your feedback and comments.  Please give our young network a try and begin by signing up for a free Silver membership plan now.


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