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Paris Hilton Will Score Millions in NFT’s

Posted By Craig Whitley     April 19, 2021     625 views     1 like     0 comments
Paris Hilton is over the moon on the potential of NFT’s. Watch her become a huge financial success selling and investing in NFT’s.  Her recent "Kitty" NFT sold for $17,000.
Paris Hilton has discovered the world of non-fungible tokens and she’s "all-in" the latest collection craze. Hilton has been quoted as not being able to get her mind off of NFT’s.

Regardless what you think of Hilton, she is no dummy. She’s proven herself to be a marketing and branding genius. Can you know machine how much money she could add to her fortune by creating a line of video, audio and image NTF’s?

Most importantly, every time a major celebrity like Hilton talks about NFT’s, buys or sells NFT’s, the potential for NFT collections grows takes gigantic leap forward.

Mark my word, Paris Hilton will become a mega-hit in the NFT world.


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