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Greetings Fellow Top Collections Members!

Posted By Amy Chandler     March 23, 2021     1,666 views     2 likes     1 comment
Greetings fellow collections!  I am so happy to be a member and look forward to meeting you on the network.  I feel so fortunate to find an online meeting place where I can share my collections with you, participate in the forums, meet collectors from around the world...  more
Wow Top Collections!  I am literally blown away by your social network for collectors.  I've been looking for an online network for collectors for the past five years.  I am so happy to be a member, and very appreciative of you offering me a promo code for a free Platinum membership for helping build content on your network.  I understand you're a newly launched startup and I look forward to being one of your founding members and content provider.

I entered the world of collecting by observing my dear precious mother, who was a collector for most of her life.  She loved collecting depression glass, fine China, dolls, quilts and old postcards.  She passed away three years ago, and although I miss her daily, I still remain connected to her through my collecting activities.  

When my mother passed away she left me her collections in her will.  I added them to my own growing inventory of collectibles, and continue to collect more than ever now because it keeps my mother's spirit close to me.  I know that sounds crazy, but what I'm trying to say is that I have a nostalgic passion to collect.  Every time I go to a flea market, an antique shop or a collector's show I'm reminded of the many wonderful times my mother took me on her "collecting jaunts," as she used to refer to them.  We built so many warm and lasting memories through collecting, and I hope to do the same with my daughter or son one day.

For anyone that joins Top Collections and collects antiques, art, vintage jewelry, dolls, Barbie dolls, hatpins, quilts, Cuckoo clocks, china, postcards, seashells, thimbles, Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola memorabilia, please reach out to me.  You can find my profile on by going to  I'm really looking forward to meeting collectors in these categories from all around the world.  

And to the guys at, I found your site on Goggle, which took me to a blog post by a member named Patrick Stanton.  I felt Patrick did an excellent job of explaining all the many things I can do on your network, and all the ways that I can connect with other collectors.  But the site features that came close to home for me, that really peaked my interest, were my ability to:

> Post photos and videos of my collections.
> Blog about collecting and my collections.
> Create a free online store to sell collectibles.
> Participate in your collectibles marketplace and add new items to my collection.
> Create custom groups for each of my collectibles genre.

I'm sure I will use all of your many network features within the next year.  But these are the ones I see myself exploring and using very soon.  

Before closing I have two questions for your site admin:

  • If I want to become a volunteer moderator one day for one or more of my areas of interest, is that possible?
  • If I collect items that you don't have a category for, is it possible to suggest a new collectibles category for you to add to the network.  I know you cover a lot of categories, but I didn't see ones for "Disney," "Harry Potter" and "magnets."

Happy Collecting Everyone!


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