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Why I Joined

Posted By Patrick Stanton     March 22, 2021     454 views     1 like     1 comment
I recently discovered a fantastic new social network for collectors.  Being an avid collector myself, I find the only problems associated with the hobby is the inability to interface with other collectors unless I go to a collectors show.  This article covers the reasons why I decided to...  more

Are You Like Me When it Comes to Collecting?


Are you an avid collector like me?  Have you been passionate about your collections hobby for several months or years?  If so, like me, you probably dislike having family members that are too thrilled about your hobby, and you have very few (or no) friends that share the same interest.  Such is the lonely road we collectors travel on.  Or should I say, "once traveled on," for now through a newly launched startup social network for collectors, offers you multiple means and ways to show off your collection(s) to the world, meet other collectors, add to your collection, or sell collectibles you might wish to part with for various reasons.


I recently signed up and became a Platinum member to and plan to use the network often to stay connected with my hobby, build my own brand as an expert collector, meet new collector friends that share the same hobby, and do what you do on social networks -- namely, interact, discuss, display, ask questions and so much more.  How much more?  More than on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Reddit, or just about any other social network I can think of at this time.  Allow me to explain why:


My Reasons for Joining the Collector's Network


Before I provide you my list, allow me just a minute to get us both on the same page by asking you a few questions:

1.  Is your household or extended family totally void of anyone else who shares your collection hobby, collection the same category of collectibles?
2.  Do people within your family or at work get tired of you talking about your collection?
3.  Do you have what I call a "collector's addiction" that feeds you, even when others show no interest?
4.  Is one of the goals of your collecting hobby to increase your net work, make a business out of it, or leave it as an inheritance for you spouse, children or other family members?
5.  Do you find it difficult to meet other collectors in your special collector's niche?


If you answered "yes" to each of these five questions then you and I share a lot in common.  My personal world of collection is pretty lonely most of the year, until I can go to a collector's show, flea market or antique shop, when I can interface with vendors selling my various collectible items, and sometimes have the opportunity to meet someone who shares the same interest for a minute or two.  But with COVID-19 keeping people indoors, all the collector shows I've attended in the past have been closed for over a year.  And this is how I found  I was looking for a means and ways to grow my hobby online and begin interfacing with people who share the same collectibles interest


My 13 Reasons for Joining Top Collections


  • An opportunity to meet and converse online with collectors from around the globe that share my same interest.
  • Ability to create Photo and Video Albums of my collection(s).
  • Ability to blog about my collection, or create custom web pages and not have to pay for hosting my blog or webpages.
  • Ability to create a free e-commerce store that will allow me to sell collectibles and accept credit cards.
  • Ability to create classified ads at no cost.
  • Ability to create custom public or private groups for my areas of interest.
  • Ability to create Collector's Events and sell tickets to the event.  This feature can be used by old established event organizers, as well as new startup events that you could found yourself.
  • Ability to participate in collector forums.
  • Ability to get in on the ground floor of this new network, add content and brand myself as one of the most knowledgeable experts in my areas of collecting.
  • Ability to create shopping lists and diaries.
  • I firmly believe that collecting online is the next new form of collecting and will only continue to grow.  Or sure, you might think you're already doing so on Instagram or Facebook, but once you investigate all of the features that has to offer, I'm sure you'll be relieved to find that finally someone (i.e., Top Collections) has invented a social network that offers all the means and ways to communicate and transact online that is either difficult or impossible on other social networks.
  • is not only accessed by desktops and laptops, the company also offers an Apple IOS app and an Android app that allows you to interact on social network via your smartphone or tablet.
  • BREAKING NEWS!  I've saved the best for last.  Because needs collectors just like me and you to help create and add content and attract other collectors, Top Collections is willing to grant all signup's in 2021 a FREE LIFETIME PLATINUM MEMBERSHIP -- A WHOPPING SAVINGS OF $17.95 PER MONTH.  Signup with the Promo Code ALPHAFOREVER and you'll enjoy all the features, perks and benefits of a Platinum member for the rest of your life!!!


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